Engineered Quartz is composed of approximately 93% natural quartz aggregates combined with a small amount of pigments and polymer resins. Quartz has the strength and durability of the strongest granite and is naturally very resistant to absorption. Because quartz is manmade, it gives you the widest freedom of color and style choice, and it allows you to use color tones that would be too soft or absorbent in a natural stone.


While quartz is certainly very durable and very low maintenance, it is important for a purchaser to understand that it is not indestructible: it is possible to stain, chip, scratch, or crack quartz, and these issues are not covered under warranties.  Therefore, be mindful and care for your investment. 


Engineered quartz is not suitable for installations that are outdoors or in direct contact with a heat source.


The surface of quartz can be polished or matte.  Most matte finishes are modelled on concrete finishes.  The polished or matte finish of a quartz is done at the factory, so, unlike natural stone, you cannot choose a polished color and request it be leathered to a matte; the color must be available from the manufacturer in matte finish for this option.

Engineered Quartz